An Evening with the Trap God

Being back home after my trip to LA felt nice but now it was on to another concert. Gucci Mane was to perform at the Warfield on Monday night. I was very familiar with the Warfield but not as familiar with Gucci Mane’s work. Gucci has a career spanning 89 projects total so it was gonna be interesting seeing what he was gonna choose to play that night.

The doors were set to open at 7 with the show starting at 8 but as things usually go at the Warfield, the show didn’t start till around 8:20- 8:30 pm. Time was the least of my worries though, as the pit started to fill quickly. Before I knew the stage was started to get filled by the first act of the night which was DJ Champ. Dj Champ definitely wasn’t bad, but the crowd, including me wanted Guwop on stage. Champ definitely started to get the crowd pumping but it was still gonna take a bit more. Up next to take a jab at the crowd was Casino Mel, who fell short in my opinion. His attempts to get the crowd more pumped seemed to fall further from DJ Champs attempt. From throwing water to having everyone get their phones out, Casino Mel’s attempt to pump the crowd just wasn’t hitting the mark.

Everyone was now getting antsy as we eagerly awaited for the Trap God to take his throne. Coming all the way from Chicago was Dreezy to help get the blood pumping and let me say the crowd was definitely feeling her. Her DJ and her definitely started to get a vibe going within the venue as they both confidently played the perfect amount of about 6 or 7 songs. She brought an energetic and playful performance with her which proved to fit in with the rest of the night. A quick combo got the crowd really hyped as Playboy Carti revealed himself on the stage with a track off his new self titled album. Joining him was his friend and his mom who definitely seemed to add to the hype that was already fueling the crowd. Carti played some new and old hits playing for about a good half hour. The crowd was wildin out for Carti and I was glad he was on stage at long last. His energy seemed to be a bit more hype than Dreezy which was what the crowd needed. Playboy Carti and Dreezy both did a keep job of trying to keep up with a rapper a prolific as Gucci but the crowd inevitable wanted Guwop to take the stage.

Playboy Carti’s DJ stayed on for about 20 mins after Carti left the stage to keep the vibes in the venue up. Guwop took the stage at around 10:30 P.M. which resulted in screams and pushing in the pit as everyone grasped desperately for a touch of Guwop. He opened up his extensive setlist with Classical and continued to play what his fans wanted. He played everything from “Photoshoot” to ‘Lemonade” to “Pillz”. Gucci definitely knew what his fans wanted which was very impressive, but not surprising for such a prolific and solidified rapper as himself. What was surprising was the amount of covers he performed from “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd to “Slippery” by Migos, Gucci didn’t let the heat cool. As far as theatrics go, Gucci was definitely not a theatrical performer, but I feel as though he knew he didn’t have to be. He knew his fans were there to see the legendary Guwop perform and he did exactly that strutting around in his red loafers that were worth more than two months of my rent. Only using subtle movements while performing his extensive 31 song setlist, Gucci delivered a mesmerizing and pumped performance, allowing many of his fans who had never seen him to die in peace.